Zamorano Select

In 1945 the Zamorano Club of Los Angeles published an influential annotated bibliography, The Zamorano 80. It is largely through this book that the Club is known to the world of collectors, booksellers, and librarians. In 2006 Tom Andrews, a former president of the Club, proposed a successor volume, and with his encouragement a committee was formed to produce one. Zamorano Select appeared in 2010. It provides annotations on 120 titles that characterize California from 1870 to 1980, an era of burgeoning growth and incredible change in the state’s history. The foreword by Larry Burgess and the introduction by Gary Kurutz provide information on the editorial committee as well as notes on the book’s production. All but two of the illustrations were provided by the Huntington Library; those to entries 63 and 66 were reproduced from the personal collection of Gordon Van De Water. 

The finely printed edition of 350 copies quickly sold out, but the book is now available for free download. This PDF version is based on the original design by Peter Koch of Berkeley, California. You are welcome to copy, display, or distribute this work, in whole or in part, as long as you clearly identify the source and give credit to the Zamorano Club of Los Angeles as copyright owner, and as long as you in no way use this work for commercial gain.