Past Meetings


(2020 and 2021 will be updated soon)


4 March 

Gregory Williams, “Building a Statewide Digital & Archival Collaboration: the CSU Japanese-American Digitization Project” 


5 February

Michael Vinson, “А Rare Вооk Rogue in Техas: Тhе Crimеs and Misdemeanors of Johnny Jenkins”


8 January

J. David Archibald, “Books on a Boat: The Library on Darwin’s 1831-36 Voyage Aboard the HMS Beagle”


4 December

David Boule, “King Citrus, Collecting and the Dream of California”


6 November

Kim Coventry, ”Chicago by the Book: 101 Publications that Shaped the City and Its Image” 


2 October

Jim Tranquada, “What the Hell Is ‘Ukulele Literature’?”


5 June

Elizabeth Pomeroy, “Glen Dawson, Mountaineer and Bookman”


1 May

George Rossman“A Journey to the Source of the Jade”


3 April

Henry (Nick) Ervin, “A Brief Bibliographic and Photographic Tour of California’s Desert Lands”


6 March

Helena de Lemos, “From One Reader to Another: The story of May Lamberton Becker, author and creator of popular early twentieth-century newspaper column, ‘The Reader’s Guide,’ and her daughter Beatrice Warde, author, typography scholar, and marketing manager for the British Monotype Corporation”


6 February

J.C. McElveen, “Planning and Curating an Exhibit on Nineteenth Century American Westward Exploration: An Amateur’s Perspective”


2 January

Rand Boyd, “Let’s Make Believe We’re Soldiers: American Juvenile Series Fiction and the First World War”


5 December 

“Breaking the Glassine Ceiling”. Zamorano Celebrates 90: Honoring the Contributions of Women to Books and Book Collecting in Southern California. Book presentation by the publications committee


7 November

James R. Phillips, “Robinson Jeffers & Five California Master Printers”


3 October

David Grabhorn, “Indiana Roots of the Grabhorn Press”


6 June

David Rips, “The History of Science and Medicine: Acquisitions Update 2017-May 2018”


2 May

John Wilkins (1614-1672), “We Are the 17th Century”. Channelled by Stephen White


4 April

Dennis Kruska, “The Lure and Lore of Yosemite: A 19th-Century View”


7 March

David Brafman, “Flowers, Drugs, Chemicals, and Colors, or How Botanical Books Changed the World”


7 February

Randy Tarpey-Schwed, “Cookery & Connections: A Collector’s Passion”


3 January

Laura Skandera Trombley, “If I Had a Camel: The Sesquicentennial of Innocents Abroad


6 December

David Gunther, “Life on the Santa Fe as Seen through Publications”


1 November

Aleta George, “Ina Coolbrith’s Poetic Origins: How the pueblo of Los Angeles played a significant role in the life of California’s first poet laureate”


4 October

Nick Curry, “The Rockefeller Largesse”


7 June

David Rips, “The History of Science and Medicine: Acquisitions Update 2012-2016”

3 May

David Brafman, “Sacred Geometry and Slimy Sludge, or, Making Art with Alchemy”

5 April

Kitty Maryatt, “Re-Creation: Sonia Delaunay’s & Blaise Cendrars’ La Prose du Transsibérien of 1913” 

1 March 

Simon Winchester, “The Professor and the Madman: The Making of a Bestseller”

1 February

Marc Kuritz, “Churchill: Language, Life, and Leadership”

4 January 

Suzanne Muchnic, “Temple on the Tar Pits: A Sticky History of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art”


7 December

Scott Stine, “The Marvels and Wisdom of Zenas Leonard’s Narrative”

2 November 

James Keeline, “Building a Series Book” (last-minute stand-in for Andrea Mays) 

5 October

Stephen White, “Karl Marx, Mark Twain, and the Advent of Social Media”

1 June

Mark Hall-Patton, “Wanna Get Lucky? A Mass-Market Collection of a Mass-Market Town. Books as Popular-Culture Artifacts in a Museum Collection”

4 May

Sharon Gee, “Fair Warning! Auction Secrets Revealed”

6 April

Gary Kurutz, “From 49ers to Sourdoughs: Literary Excursion into the First and Last Great Western Gold Rushes by Gary F. Kurutz, a Cheechako Bibliographer in the Klondike”

2 March 

Lori Anne Ferrell, “Piety, Greed, and Bibliomania: How the Victorians Invented English History”

3 February

Phil Brigandi, “Searching for Ramona: The Literature and Lore of Southern California’s Most Famous Novel”

6 January

Dana Gioia, “Creating America’s Book Club: The Story of NEA’s Big Read”


2 December

Alan Jutzi, “Stories of a Rare Book Curator”

4 November

Diana Kormos-Buchwald, “Einstein’s Three Winters at Caltech” 


7 October 

Romy Wyllie, “Caltech’s Architectural Heritage” 


3 June 

Laura Rips, “‘All in One Lifetime’: Collecting the History of Science—Bern Dibner and the Burndy Library”


6 May 

Li Wei Yang,“The Yongle Dadian: An Emperor’s Encyclopedia”


1 April

Robert Palazzo, “The Integration of Major-League Baseball: Books, Publications, and Ephemera (It’s not just Jackie Robinson)”


4 March

Nicholas Basbanes, “Among the Gently Mad: A Fellowship of Books and Book People”


4 February

Nancy Turner, “Encounters with the Scissormen: Treating Illuminated Cuttings and Leaves from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Conservation Studio”


7 January

Simon Loxley, “Frederic Warde: The Gatsby of Type”



3 December

Bill Warren, “Will W. Robinson, Twinkly-Eyed Southern California Historian, Author, and Zamoranan Extraordinaire”


5 November 

Paul Bryan Gray, “Gatekeeper to Diaz, 1876-1911”


1 October

Megan Rosenbloom, “Death in Rare Books”


4 June

Donald Sterrenburg, “Laudatus: Birth of a Typeface”


7 May

Kim Keeline, “Collecting Shakespeare: The Commodification of a Writer”


2 April

Msgr. Francis Weber, “Zamorano Memories”


5 March

Charles Johnson, “The Curious Case of George M. Millard, Books, El Paseo de la Guerra, Santa Barbara”


5 February

Chuck Rennie, “Sex, Science, and Sardines: Reality and Myth in the Steinbeck-Ed Ricketts Friendship and its Literature”


8 January 

David Kalifon, “Peutinger’s Tabula Itineraria: Exploring an Ancient Roman Road Map through Ortelius’s 1598 Facsimile”



4 December

Richard Wagener, “Engraving Books”


6 November

Jeff Groves, “A Hands-On Approach to Printing History: Building a Replica of an Eighteenth-Century Printing Press”


2 October

Steven Hackel, “The Rock and the Crucifix: Changing Representations of Serra over Time”


5 June

Dennis Kruska, “The Lure and Lore of Yosemite: A 19th-Century View”

1 May

Gary Strong, “Collecting Los Angeles at the UCLA Library”


3 April

Elizabeth Pomeroy, “What Makes San Marino, San Marino? Looking for Answers in Geography, Books, and Lives”


6 March 

Jake Wien, “Paul Landacre and Ward Ritchie: 25 Years of Inspired Collaboration, 1932-1957”


6 February 

Jennifer Watts, “A Strange and Fearful Interest: The Making of a Civil War Exhibition”


2 January 

Judy Harvey Sahak, “Shadows in Southern California, 1933: Forgotten Visits of T.S. Eliot, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Um… Er… Ah” 



5 December 

Larry Burgess, “Christmas in Old California”


7 November 

Stephen White, “Skydreamers: A Pathway to the Universe”


3 October 

Stephen Shepherd, “Marginal Images as Scholarly Commentary in a 15th-Century Anglo-Irish Manuscript”


6 June

Dennis Kruska, “Glen Dawson and the High Sierra: A Man to Match the Mountains”


2 May 

Beth Gates Warren, “Edward Weston’s Los Angeles”


4 April

Paul Bryan Gray,“The Emergence and Exile of Francisco P. Ramírez, an Early Los Angeles Activist”


7 March 

Susan Allen, “John I. Perkins (1863-1942) Collects: The Kelmscott Press for Los Angeles”


1 February

Charles Johnson, “A Tale of Two Men: The Origins of Printing in Alta California”


4 January 

Seth Lerer, “On a 15th-Century Book of Hours”



7 December

Shelley Erwin, “The Art of the Map”


2 November 

Laura Skandera Trombley, “Mark Twain’s World Celebrity”


5 October

Marcella Ruble and Timothy Lindsay, “Beverly Hills’ First Estate: The House and Gardens of Virginia and Harry Robinson”


1 June 

Barbara Kesel, “Comics: A Small Medium Gets Large”


4 May 

Dennis Casebier, “Oral History in an Empty Land”


6 April 

Kitty Maryatt, “The Gutenberg Page”


2 March 

O.M. Brack, “Sam Johnson as a Collector”


2 February 

Peggy Lobnitz, “Alice Eastwood Behind the Hand Lens: California’s Celebrated Botanist and Author”


5 January 

Mario Molina, “Men and Books: Some Gems from the Medical Library” 



1 December

David Brafman, “Mystical Memory in the Manly Hall Collection”


3 November

Robert Palazzo, “Sam Dunham, Captain Jack, and Alaska Gold Rush Poets”


6 October

James Keeline, “The Mystery of the Stratemeyer Syndicate: The Origins of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew” 


2 June

Mark Roosa, “Gathering Malibu: The Rancho and Beyond”


5 May

Anne Willan, “Cookbooks in History from 1474-1820: A Personal View”


7 April

Romy Wyllie, “Bertram Goodhue: Architect and Master of Many Arts”


3 March

Michael Geer, “Repairing Books and Manuscripts”


3 February

William G. Donohoo, “Opening the Vaults”



Zamorano Lecture speakers at the Huntington:

2017Stephen Orgel 
2016Columba Stewart
2015Matthew Fisher 
2014Nick Wilding 
2013David Schalkwyk 
2012David Szewczyk
2011David Hall
2010Michael Winship
2009Peter Stallybrass
2008Robert Darnton